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Small Kitchen Update Under 400.00

Almost two years ago we bought a house which was built in 1962. That was not the plan.
Our last house was a fixer-upper and we were in no mood to do that again. So we set out to find a turn-key house in a price range that would leave us some breathing room. Not exactly an easy task in our neck of the woods we soon discovered. Since we had a contract on the home we were selling, we didn't have the luxury of taking our time to find something.
When we looked at this house my husband instantly clicked with the place. There was a certain charm about the more established neighborhood, and I liked how the property backed up to a nice wooded area which would never be developed. However, I was nervous about the kitchen as I spend a good bit of time in there. It is very small, dated and couldn't be expanded due to a stairway which goes down into the basement and up into the attic. 
We could remove a wall, eventually, between the kitchen and the small dining room for expansion, but we a…

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