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Quilts and Quinoa

Life moves as a breakneck pace so there has been no time for recording it. Today is not an exception but I have decided to blog anyway, in these few minutes of quiet before the squalls rise up again.

As far as the "quilts" portion of Quilts and Quinoa goes, there has been little to none. I made a few small projects over the holidays, mostly stockings and some small quilted gifts for the kids. Other sewing has been home decor and a couple of alterations for people. 

The "quinoa" portion is a daily event, making plant-based meals for the family. We slipped on the really healthy part over the holidays and even before with the move. We started introducing way too many plant based convenience foods and even processed junk like chips and lots of wheat products and rich plant foods, drowning in cashew cream. Never a good thing for our crew. 

Life is mostly back to normal now. We did a pantry sweep in January to use up what we had so in February we are doing a week long he…

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