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No pictures. Just words.

Quilts (sewing):

On Ringo Lake Mystery Quilt. I could be much farther along if I would just face up to those brown flying geese. One day, people, one day. I do have one completed block because I wanted to see how it went together. I am not disappointed.

Finished a chair slipcover project. I needed a comfy chair for the sewing room. I had a chair that needed recovering. I found some fabric in my stash to create a slipcover. Finally got around to it. I need to redo the seat cover. Not sure what happened, but it isn't up to snuff. Overall it looks pretty good.

Got completely distracted with soup bowl cozies. Made a bunch. It's like they are stress-relief for me. Trying to chase down strangers on the street to give them away. Anyone want a soup bowl cozy?

Made a couple of quilted pillow covers.

Hemmed a bunch of curtains for my sister, and a few for me.

I'm joining a local quilt guild. I wasn't sure if it was something I wanted to do, but I think the social outlet will be a good…

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