Curious about the new Juki DX series of sewing machines?

I've had my eye on a Juki sewing machine for a while now. The two that drew my attention are the Juki TL2010Q and the Juki Exceed F-600. While I loved the idea of having such a heavy duty machine like the 2010q, there are times I really need a zigzag stitch so I was leaning more toward the F-600. After watching the CraftyGemini's reviews of the two machines, I figured the F-600 was going to be my machine.

Until I learned about the new DX7 that Juki just released this month.

I did a little research and discovered there was a Juki dealer about 2 hours south of me... Triad Sew and Vac in Winston-Salem, NC. I talked to Charlie, the owner, and he invited me to come down and check out the machines. It seemed like a good idea in order to compare the F-600 and the DX machines side by side. When I arrived I was disappointed to find out they had no DX7s in stock, but they did have the DX2000-QVP.

I believe they are essentially the same machine but the DX2000 has an expanded quilting package. Charlie at Triad Sew and Vac threw in a full warranty package and a cleaning and tune-up at the end of the year to sweeten the deal. I was sold.

So I did it. I bought the DX2000.

Getting ready to take her home!

I couldn't wait to get her out of the box and set her up so I did it.. right there on the dining room table after the long drive home!
The unboxing!
Testing out the free motion

The next day I made a home for her in my sewing room. I love the lighting on this machine. The visibility is amazing.
All set up in her new home.

I started a project quickly to test her out. I've been collecting selvages for a while now and decided to do something with them. I sewed these thick selvages onto double thick flannel in order to make a quilt as you go quilt. Really wanted to see if the machine could handle a thick project like this one. It certainly could and did.

The Juki DX2000 performed very, very well. Toward the end of the project, the thread cutter didn't cut the top thread a couple of times.When I say a couple of times I mean literally twice. It didn't cut the top thread twice. It consistently cut the bottom thread. Once I cleaned out the bobbin case it went back to working properly. Any other issues I had were user error and were rectified by actually doing what the manual said. The machine also came with an instructional DVD which was super helpful.

I had to sell a machine in order to buy this one and really debated as my previous machine was also a very nice machine with many high-end features but I am so happy to be Team Juki. 

Still on the wish list... 

TL 2010q sewing machine and the MO1000 or MO2000 serger (air threader anyone?)

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