Merry Merry Snowman - a beginning

I started a new project.. an applique quilt by Bunny Hill Designs called 
Merry Merry Snowman.

Only two blocks completed with 8 more to go. Have I mentioned I don't know what I'm doing? Here is Block One. I stuck my hand in the pic for scale. The blocks are rather large.

Block Two is even bigger.

Here they are together on the design wall.

Not being very good with hand sewing, I decided to try to do it as a fusible applique project and let the machine do all the embellishments for me. I was pretty excited that my Juki DX 2000 has a couple of stitches that look exactly like a snowman's nose. Have I mentioned how much I love this machine? Yeah.. I thought so.

So on the second block, which called for ribbon and buttons, I just used fabric and decorative stitches. Hopefully it will launder a bit better that way.

So far it's going okay. At least I think it is, since I have zero experience with applique projects. I hope to be finished with it by next Christmas. We shall see.

I'm moving slow since my eyes are suffering from a bit of eye strain, I do believe. Sewing the bright white fabric with white thread under bright LED lights is taking its toll on these old lady eyes!

Going to have to up the spinach intake.

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