Scrappy serged quilt

My son has been asking for a quilt for his bed for awhile. I had a bunch of 10" squares that had been cut from scrap fabric stacked up and thought, why not? The blues, grays and tans played well together and would work in his room, so I decided to just piece them together until it fit his bed.

Now, this little guy is awesome but can stretch things to their limit sometimes, so I decided to serge the quilt to make it a little more resistant to his methods of destruction quality control testing. I was a little concerned the serging might make the seams a bit more chunky and difficult to quilt, but it really didn't. Plus any annoying fraying and strings were automatically dealt with. That was my favorite part.

Serged seams

Next came the sandwiching. Son chose a flannel for the back and extra loft poly batting. He wanted it extra poofy and warm, he said. 

This is the part where I'm dreaming about three 8 foot tables to set up side by side. But no. Down to the floor I go. First I taped down the backing, making sure it was nice and tight. Laid down the batting, then the top.

I like the use the curved pins to make this tedious part of the process a bit more quick. I pinned a lot since it would be pulled through a small-ish domestic machine. I greatly dislike picking out folded over backing fabric. 

Then it was time to head over to my Juki girl.. the DX2000-QVP. She has a lovely thread stand on the back of the machine, so I loaded up some Isacord thread and got down to business.

I decided to use the dual feed foot, since it had not yet even been out of its little baggy. I had this brilliant (not!) idea to quilt chevrons. I marked the first chevron using a triangle ruler and it made the chevrons very tall. Too tall. Basically, the quilt had to be turned at each peak. Needless to say, the chevrons are wonky and my arms and shoulders are sore.

About a third of the way through I started seeing real issues, but no way was I going to pick all that out. So Juki girl and I persevered and finished.

While I'm not 100% pleased with the result I don't 100% hate it either. It was a good learning experience.

I decided on a high contrast binding and am not disappointed. Love the red! Next came hand sewing down the binding. As cold as it has been, cuddling underneath is a pleasure. Our little Lily thinks so too. Can you spot the white fuzzy pooch?

All finished. Pet approved.


Son approved.

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