Plant-strong for reals

Enough riding the fence for me. 

I've been eating a little* salt, a little*oil, a little* organic sugar, a little* white rice, a little* homemade peanut butter, even the occasional white flour tortilla. I very unfortunately discovered how delicious Gardein products are. I purchased them to satisfy a family member who misses eating meat at home. They were a hit, but unfortunately I liked them too. So, I started purchasing them once or twice a month. 

I've also been gaining a few pounds. I had lost a total of 59 lbs. I was so close to 60 and then started going the wrong way. I desperately wanted to lose that last 10 and I ended up gaining instead. Thankfully I haven't gained a bunch back, but enough to get my attention. Enough to know I should have listened to Dr. Esselstyn. 

Click on the picture to check out the cookbook. It is not an affiliate link.

So I pulled out my Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease Cookbook and reread all the reasons it is a good idea to eat a Whole Foods Plant-Strong Diet. I also reminded myself how beautiful and delicious the food is, even without salt, sugar, oil, nuts, coconut and avocado. Then I made my menu plan, got up and made incredible food.

For breakfast, I made a bowl of cereal with an unsweetened puffed whole grain brown rice cereal and some oats topped with fresh fruit, a tablespoon of flax meal, some cinnamon and a few raisins. Then I poured on some unsweetened, no carageenan almond milk.
Lunch was a fresh veggie wrap made with a Food For Life whole grain wrap filled with a few garbanzo beans, colorful bell peppers, romaine lettuce, shredded carrots and a tablespoon of salsa.
Dinner was a brown rice bowl with all kinds of no salt added veggies and beans. After dinner we indulged in a half cup of "nice cream" which is just blended frozen bananas. 

No feelings of deprivation. No hunger pains. Feeling very satisfied and remembering what it is like to not feel so weighed down by my food choices. 

I really do love eating clean and feeling light. 

In addition we went for a bike ride today, something I haven't done in 35+ years. You know what, it was fun. My normal exercise is an early morning trip to the gym or an outdoor walk. This bike riding thing was a little challenging but it was so much fun! I'm a little bummed the rest of the week looks like rain. 

If you have been off of the healthy eating bandwagon, don't be afraid to get back on. Just remind yourself of all the reasons you did it in the first place. Sit down and make a list of reasons and make a plan. 

Plant strong eating is my path, but maybe yours is different based on your own personal needs. Whatever it is, recommit and go after it. Be kind to your body. Be kind to yourself. 

*way too much



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