It's always something...

A few weeks ago we had a brilliant idea. "Hey, honey! Let's put our house on the market!" So we did.

I had the thought that we would interview a few realtors, do some repairs, then put our house on the market. But we met some realtors we both loved and within minutes had a contract with them. My husband said, "Let's just go for it. See if anyone will buy it as it is.

Well, we've gotten some offers, really low offers which are pretty usual for "as is" houses, and now we are working hard to make the house nicer than it was. 

Of course when you sell a house things start happening. Things like your septic tank backing up 6 months after having it pumped last, something it hasn't done in the 10 plus years you've lived there and water leaks start coming out of the wall once you remove the caulking around the bathtub. 

Hubby had to build a new front stoop. Cha-ching. We called a contractor and now the hall bathroom is torn out and a new tub and plumbing is going back in. Cha-ching! Septic has been dug up and exit line unclogged. Cha-ching! New front door has been installed. Cha-ching! Painting has been started, though not finished. New carpeting goes down on Thursday. Cha-ching! We have to call a plumber to find out the leak that is causing a constant stream into the septic system. I wish it was the overflow valve on the toilets, but it is not. Cha-ching! cha-ching! cha-ching! 

So many Cha-chings! all at once. 

It really isn't that I don't want to do this work. I have wanted it done for years! It is the fact that we have to do it all at once. 

We aren't totally dense people. We get it now. Do the work all along. Don't wait until you are trying to sell your house. 

Maybe houses need an annual check up just like people to detect things? Is that a thing? Are there any primary care physicians for houses? 

I suppose a building inspector might fit the bill, but what a bill that could be in addition to all the potential repairs. A quick Google search revealed an annual checklist provided by This Old House. Whether we sell our house or not, we are printing off this list to go over once a year. 

It is always something. Better to find it and fix it rather than allowing it to drag on and do costly 
damage to your investment. 

One other note on that; unless you are a professional or really gifted at projects around the house, call a professional. If you do the job poorly, it will need to be redone. Homes need to pass codes and DIY jobs sometimes don't. If you do it yourself, make yourself familiar with codes and get the right permits so inspectors can come behind you to verify the work has been done properly. It may be a pain, but the process can sometimes protect you against yourself.

Regarding finding a professional, people are always vocal about their experiences with excellent or poor service providers. Word of mouth is a wonderful way to avoid being taken. It is also a great way to find just the right person to work on your house. Your home is an investment and it does matter how well the work is done. 

Now if you will excuse me, I have to get back to work. The contractor just drove up. 

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