Today marks the 25th day of our family being "unplugged." Well, not entirely. We still check emails and get online to pay bills. It is also acceptable to do research if we are considering a purchase or a project, and it is also acceptable if I blog; an extremely rare occurrence.

We put the TV in the closet and have decided not to discuss TV shows at all. There have been no video games or chat rooms. No Instagram or Facebook.

What have we missed?

We have surely missed reaction from our Facebook friends regarding PT's (Pres. Trump's) latest antics. We have missed pictures and videos shared by friends. We have missed movies being released. Many times I nearly headed over to Redbox to pick up a movie then remembered that was not something we were doing this month.

What haven't we missed?

Fun. We have gone on long hikes, played lots of board games, read books out loud, learned a new art form (for us), and started working on scripture memory. We have talked more, argued more (no distractions to help us avoid our problems), and slept better. The whole family goes to bed earlier, around 9:30, and gets up earlier. We have spent a little more money. I think this is a reaction to needing something to occupy our time because we are just not used to relating yet.

We were only going to do this for 30 days, however now I am wondering if we need to go a bit longer. See, we're just working out all the bugs, falling into a routine, finding our way back to a more face to face kind of life. If we stop now, we may stop fighting, but we won't have broken through the walls to find out why we are fighting.

I don't want to plug back in. I don't want to go back to using TV and social media to anesthetize the pain. I want to deal with it; once and for all. Most of all, I don't want to lose my family again. I have loved living more face to face with them. The evenings are my absolute favorite time when we all gather in the sunroom to read and talk. It has been a bit messy, but it has been real and it's been good.


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